Privacy Policy: Things to Expect from Our Website

We are a team of passionate professionals and we work for the benefit of the user and respect your privacy. Thus we maintain a privacy policy.

What is the Privacy Policy of the Website?

We make an effort to be transparent with the kind of the resources and services provided on the website. The security policy is to remind you about the purpose along with the content of the website and the manner in which we use the information and data.

Ours is an independent website that is dependent on online casino where the users will find a list of tips and guides. The guides have been provided keeping the welfare of the players in mind. The primary objective of the reviews and guides on our website is to help out the players to gain more information and get to know about the popular casino games. Information that we provide is for informational purpose. We do not associate with other gambling site or offer any kind of casino games. We maintain an independent website and emphasize on the online casino industry with an intention to guide and provide information to the players.  

Using the Information and Data We Collect

The policy speaks about how we use personal information. Mainly, the information that we collect from the users is used for offering the services for developing a business and also for creating responsive information which you truly require. We take the needed actions for protecting the information of our users. We assure you that it is not going to be shared with a third party. We are committed to protecting you all the time. Our website is completely encrypted and secured.

Read our Privacy and also Security Policy prior to using the website. In case you want more information on how you will be able to handle the data, contact us immediately.